Our Dialysis Treatment Options

Yorkville Dialysis Center offers two dialysis treatment options:  Peritoneal Dialysis and Outpatient Hemodialysis. With the help of the multidisciplinary team, you are able to choose the best dialysis treatment option for you or your family member.

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)

Peritoneal Dialysis is performed in the comfort of your home and offers many benefits.

  • Ease of travel with the portable dialysis machine
  • Treatment is scheduled by you to fit your lifestyle—treatment is usually performed while sleeping
  • No needles involved with your treatment
  • Freedom to perform your daily activities
  • Fewer nutritional restrictions
  • Education and support provided by our caring home dialysis team helping you to be successful
  • A Registered Nurse fluent in Spanish

To learn more about Peritoneal Dialysis, schedule your appointment to meet the Home Department Registered Nurse by calling 630.553.6952.

To see others who are enjoying an active lifestyle through Peritoneal home dialysis, click on the link below:



Hemodialysis is performed in an outpatient setting three times a week for approximately four hours. You or your family member’s treatment is performed by our caring and professional Registered Nurse and a Certified Hemodialysis Technician.

Hemodialysis works by circulating your blood through a special filter which is outside your body called a dialyzer. Your hemodialysis treatment functions as your kidneys by removing the toxins and fluids from your body, assisting with blood pressure control and regulating chemical imbalances.

Hemodialysis requires a type of access to your circulatory system. The dialysis standard is arteriovenous fistula which is created surgically in your arm. A catheter may be placed in your chest to be used on a temporary basis.